26 November 2010

David Beckham Does Newcastle: Football Clinic Style...

David Beckham is in Australia at the moment. It is part of an end-of-season tour for the Los Angeles (LA) Galaxy of Major League Soccer (MLS) fame. The Australian part of that tour includes an exhibition game against the struggling, financially, Newcastle Jets.

Aside from the friendly football, it is also an opportunity for Becks to run a soccer / football clinic or two. The clinic saw the participation of 680 children from some 20 local schools. Apart from the obvious skills and 'stuff' that football clinics are all about, it was also an opportunity for Beckham to re-tie the odd shoelace when they came undone. Even Becks knows you cannot take a free kick with an undone shoelace.

If nothing else, this photo suggest that David Beckham is a genuinely humble fellow that is as comfortable running round with a group of soccer mad youngsters as he is running around some of the world's greatest and largest football stadiums.

I am pretty sure that young Harrison Jones is going to get a real kick out of telling the story of this picture as he goes through life.

It has to be really tough sometimes to always live your life under the constant glare of public scrutiny.

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kittygoespotty said...

The writer is totally fair, and there's no doubt.