17 November 2010

Prince William and Kate Middleton...

A Royal Engagement brings out all the classic headlines. Although, "Kinky Kate: The skanky dress that caught Prince William's eye" was probably not the first headline I would have expected to see.

Nevertheless, here are a couple of pictures (one courtesy of Getty Images) of Ms. Catherine (aka Kate) Middleton before she became the future Queen of England. Perhaps, it was destiny or something. So, maybe she was always going to be the future Queen of England, and it was just a matter of time before fate ran its course.

In any event, these photos come from 2002 and a fashion charity show held at St. Andrews University in Scotland. Even to my aging eyes it looks like she was certain to turn a few heads in the outfit.

Yet, I wonder how the future King of England feels about his wife being described as "kinky" and "skanky"? After all, she was playing the part of fashion model for charity at an event that was charging in excess of $325 a ticket. To be honest that does not sound either kinky or skanky. So what if you can see her panties, it is a fashion show, right? Maybe I am getting old.

Congratulations to them both. May it be a long and fruitful partnership that bring you both much happiness.

Now for the photos...

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