26 November 2010

Oops Moments in Sports...

Is this what one should understand a wardrobe malfunction to be? Or is this a new aerodynamically designed swimsuit that allows the water to "flow" with less resistance?

Ricky Berens of the USA at the World Swimming Championships held in Rome shows a little more "style" than he probably expected to.

 I reckon it is not the going up that is either dangerous or painful in the world of surf boat racing, it is the coming down! This is gonna hurt!

 This is not an accidental "wedgie". Apparently, competitors do this to themselves as a means of gaining a competitive advantage! Interesting.

 The Women's Triathlon at the Beijing Olympics was a torrid affair. You can just imagine the girl in the yellow & red helmet going "uh oh!"

So, cycling the Tour de France really is a pain in the arse (or 'ass' if you come from the US) after all.

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