19 November 2010

Willow & Bristol Palin: Ranting and Railing on Facebook...

Family is important, and when your family is attacked your first reaction is to protect it. However, sometimes common sense and a measured response might better serve your family in the long run. Yet, if that "attack" is merely criticism of your parent's talk show, then it really is sticks and stones stuff. It probably does not need a response at all, particularly if your mum happens to be Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska, 2008 GOP Vice Presidential candidate, and possible 2012 Republican Party Presidential candidate.

Nevertheless, Willow took to Facebook without a second thought and proceeded to use some choice swear words and a homophobic slur. I was always taught that a faggot was a bundle of sticks (or as my grancher once told me, a meatball). However, when you read the Facebook exchange, Willow leads little doubt that she is casting aspersions about the sexuality of the target of her vitriol.

Not to be left out, Bristol gets in a few lines about "shit talkers". So, in comparison Bristol was a little tamer than her younger sister. It seems that Bristol might be having a few regrets about her brain explosion.

I wonder how mummy is going to deal with this little media circus? Maybe the Palin kids learn this sort of language at home?

If you want to read a screen capture of the whole series of rants and rails, then head to TMZ.

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