25 November 2010

Singaporean Water Polo Team's Sense of Humour?

The Asian Games have been good for the odd odd story, like the Yemeni beach volleyball team claiming they lost their match because the bikini-clad entertainment was too distracting for them. However, the Singaporean Water Polo team might just have taken the cake with their self-designed swim wear.

The swim wear as you can see is a departure from the traditional black swim trunks they used to wear. The new costume is a red get up with the Singaporean flag prominently placed on the front. Now, in conservative Singapore the self-designed outfit was sure to raise eyebrows. This is especially the case when the position of the crescent moon gives the impression of a raging erection. They don't call this type of swim wear budgie smugglers for no reason. Although, when I was a kid they were called dick-stickers.

Anyways, this 'story' gets interesting because in the thriving democratic police state, also known as Singapore, before the flag or any other national emblem or symbol is used on any costume the users have to get the permission of the Minister for Information, Communication and the Arts.

If permission is not obtained prior to use and the use is then deemed to be 'disrespectful' then the users are liable to fines of up to SGD 1000 for their indiscretions.

I will let you be the judge as to whether the use of the Singaporean flag in this way is disrespectful.

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