01 November 2010

Nia Ramadhani: What's In A Name?

If you are a woman, do you need to take on your husband's name or change your name in order to be a "good" wife?

I know that this is not my usual blogging fare. But, it is an interesting question.

On a personal level I have not asked, nor insisted, that my wife take on my family name. Ultimately, that is a decision for her, and I will support whatever decision she makes on that front.

On a celebrity gossip front, it was interesting to read that Priyanti Nur Ramadhani, or Nia Ramadhani as she was once known to her fans, has gone to the legal trouble of changing her name to Ramadhania Ardiansyah Bakrie.

So, what's in a name?


Anonymous said...

Funny that back in Indonesia I didn't feel much 'pressure' to add/change my name. But right after we're back in Scotland, it seems more practical, easier, and saves me from a lot of hassles.

Why? Because Indonesians are called by their first name, not last name, while Western countries emphasise on surnames.

Legally I still have my maiden names on every document. But socially, generally, my husband's name is attached.

Rob Baiton said...

@ FW...

I appreciate the nuances in your case, as I would in the case of my wife. But, as far as I know, Mrs. Bakrie still resides in Indonesia and had to jump through plenty of legal hoops in order to change her name.

So, I am tending to wonder why?

Jakartass said...

You wonder why, Rob?

I'd like to see their pre-nuptual agreement.

Rob Baiton said...

@ J...

I do.

Is there a pre-nup?

Jakartass said...

Is there are pre-nup?

Possibly, and definitely lots of pre-nibbles.