08 November 2010

Emma Watson Fakes -- A Harry Potter Fantasy...

I am going to write this post and put the pictures in at the end. If you are reading this, then I have decided to post it.

At the moment, the post has been written purely to preserve the links to the fake and real photos of Emma Watson.

I have said many times that I am kind of glad that I am not a celebrity. Although, even if I was and looking like I do,  I am pretty sure I would not have to worry about the sorts of things that the beautiful people do. Emma Watson made her fame and started her fortune courtesy of the Harry Potter film franchise. I, personally, think that she is going to develop into a fine young actor and have a long career in the film business, if she wants it. Yet, there is nothing like the possibility of a scandal, even a manufactured one, to dent one's career prospects.

My guess is, now that she is of age, that there will be a constant stream of "fakes" flooding the market trying to capitalise on her fame. Nothing quite like riding on the coattails of others in order to score your very own 15 minutes of fame.

Ms. Watson is currently studying at Brown University in the USA. Good Ivy League school. If I had had the money at the time, it might have been a school that I considered. Yet, when push comes to shove, I am more likely to head to a school like Columbia University. Maybe with a bit of luck, and before I get too much older, I might do some post-graduate work there in law. Perhaps, my thesis can be on fake porn and the legal consequences of it and the development of virtual porn. But, I digress, this is a post about Emma Watson and fake pictures of her breasts.

Here are the "fake" and "real" pictures for your perusal. The picture is not of a near-naked Emma Watson standing next to a spa. Some people have some real skills with Photoshop when it comes to manipulating images. I am sure that even a fake shot will be more than enough for some Harry Potter fans.

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