01 July 2008

Golf -- Expensive Balls

Just because I cannot think of anything else interesting to write. And, I also read that Tiger Woods might not be back for a long while. So, this got me thinking about golf.

Did you know that Americans spend more than USD 630 million per year on golf balls.

That means that there must be a lot of balls going into the water hazards.


oigal said...

that and the fact my caddie...Always hands me two balls when I head up to Tee Off...Bastard..

Once told him he was the worst stinking caddie in world..he replied "Wow Mister that is a coincidence then"

Rob Baiton said...


A caddie with balls and a sense of humour to boot!

Rob Baiton said...

The "with balls" part was a pun just in case anyone is wondering :D