09 July 2008

Sharks in Lakes

Nothing like a shark story to scare the masses. A report out of New South Wales says that a seven-metre great white shark was netted and released into a Tuggerah Lake on the Central Coast of NSW. The shark was netted by a commercial fisherman and it is this fisherman that reported the release.

Tuggerah Lake is a popular swimming spot. So, the idea of a big shark in the lake is a matter of considerable concern. The police have said they have no reason to doubt the fisherman's account of what happened and have therefore issued a warning.

The fisherman himself has no intention of talking to the media about his close encounter. It seems that the fisherman has a long-standing distrust of the media.


A question from one of the people who commented on this post sparked a renewed search on this matter.

The lake system is not saltwater. Great white sharks do not tolerate non-salt water environments very well. So, most experts agree that if there is a shark in there then it is likely to be hanging around the entrance to the lake looking to get back out to the ocean.

Apparently the entrance to the lake is only about 30cms deep in its deepest part. Therefore, it seems inconceivable that a seven metre shark made its way across that bit of water.

Perhaps the commercial fisherman's distrust of the media is warranted in light of these most recent revelations.

Maybe this is a fishy tale after all!


GJ said...

Should drastically improve the water skiing skills on the lake :-)

That's my guess!!!

Rob Baiton said...


Not sure that staying above the water will save you. Seven metres is a fracking big shark :D

Finally Woken said...

OK stupid question but shark is supposed to live in the ocean a.k.a salt water, right? How could they survive in the lake?

Rob Baiton said...

saltwater lake :D

Anonymous said...

Erm... the lakewater isn't salt. That's why they're confused/questioning the guy's story.