11 July 2008

A Shark Story with a Photo

This is a shark story with photographic evidence and an interesting twist.

Sydney has its share of ocean baths. These are essentially public saltwater swimming pools that are right on the shoreline and fill with the tide. Sometimes with a particularly high tide or a good swell these public baths might end up with a few fish and the odd dolphin and maybe even a shark.

The Cronulla baths had never had a shark until this morning. They had a few dolphins over the years but never a shark. The interesting twist, or perhaps irony, here is that the local rugby league team is known as the Cronulla Sharks. So, it is pretty apt that a shark end up in the Cronulla baths.

The shark was finally caught and released back into the ocean at about 10.30 and the sight was an amazing one for all who were able to witness it.

The wonders of the world where nature meets human development.


GJ said...

That's just a guppy, would merely give you a "kiss".
Anyone for flake and chips.

Rob Baiton said...

Flake and Chips!

Always chose scallops and chips. Normally, with chicken salt for the chips.

I was thinking love bite as opposed to a "kiss"...