24 July 2008


Dear Readers...if you were wondering whether I had passed on to the next world or not because of a couple of days without posting, then there is no need to wonder any longer!

I am in Singapore and have either been too busy or too lazy to turn on the laptop and log in to write.

I am here for work, and work only, and my days have been full and at the end of them I am pretty shagged and choose to sleep instead of blog. I am also here to do the dreaded visa run. I haven't done one for 5 years and I now know why I was glad for that. I am sure the Embassy will be very efficient and hopefully way more efficient than the Jakarta based agent that is supposed to be organizing all of the things I need to have done and be doing. So far they have not been relieving me of stress associated with this.

I have been asking them questions like how long does it take once I submit my passport and forms at the Embassy? A day but apparently this is not the case according to the Indonesian Embassy website in Singapore which says 2 working days. Is there a fee? No, but once again the website suggests differently. Do I need a passport photo? No, but you guessed it, the website suggests differently on this too. My mistake was not to check the website sooner and to believe the agent.

Other than that the order and cleanliness of Singapore is a nice reprieve from the chaos that is Jakarta. The only real downer is that my better and pregnant half could not come along for the ride. After 7.5 years of dating and almost 6 years of marriage I miss the company and perhaps even more so now, I suppose this is what pending fatherhood for the first time does to a man!

Life goes on and it is now time to do some work.


rimafauzi said...


I was wondering where you are or if you were laying in drag dying in a gutter in kota or somewhere...

good to see you're alive and kicking, and Rob, take off the drag will you?

Rob Baiton said...

Why Rima, thanks for your concern! :D

What drag?