06 July 2008

The Corby Saga

If these things were not really happening it would be one hell of an imagination that the person who wrote this story has. The Corby saga is becoming increasingly complex in the public sphere. It was probably always complex in the private sphere of the Corby world. But it is as much a case of hangers on and bit part extended family members looking for their 15 minutes of fame. In that way it is like a car crash that people just have to slow down and take a peak at before moving on.

It is interesting to think that Indonesia might want to investigate these claims about Michael Corby Sr any further, particularly in light of the fact the Queensland police have issued a statement saying that the informant on which the Lateline report relied on has not provided any information that would lead to the police being able to take further action. In fact the police were a little more forthright and stated that they have no evidence linking Michael Corby Sr to drugs or the drug trade.

By all accounts Michael Corby Sr was too lazy to be a drug runner and much preferred to have a beer with the fellas down the pub or sit on the couch at home in front of the TV also having a few beers. This characterization may well be true. It is hardly evidence that the bloke was not a drug smuggler or dealer. Rosleigh Rose, the ex-wife of Michael Corby Sr, went so far as to say that it was his beard that made him look bad. Perhaps bearded people are drug dealers and smugglers.

Anyway, this is another twist to a tale that is sure to have a few more yet.

Keep watching this space.

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