10 July 2008

Human Trafficking -- One for the Good Guys

Australia made a request under the provisions of the extradition treaty that it has with Indonesia that sought Indonesia's help in arresting Hadi Ali Asgar El Ahmadi. El Ahmadi is an Iraqi citizen and he is alleged to have trafficked some 900 people from the Middle East and Asia to Australia in the period from 1999 through to 2001. Most of these people are thought to have made their way through Indonesia.

Indonesia police arrested El Ahmadi at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport on 29 June. The arrest is only now coming to light.

The Office of the Commonwealth Attorney General is playing its cards close to its chest and refusing to make any comments other than they are considering an extradition request. It would seem to be a lot more than that seeing they have already gone to the trouble of making the arrest request. Nevertheless, the Australian government has 45 days from the date of arrest to make a formal extradition request.

With a bit of luck Indonesia's assistance will continue and El Ahmadi will be extradited to Australia to face an Australian court for the alleged crimes he has committed.


Silverlines said...

Learned about this last week, another tip of another iceberg.

Rob Baiton said...


Yep, hopefully just the tip and not the one and only arrest in this area.

Time will tell, I suppose.

GJ said...

Bloody typical the harrassment of another entrepreneur, Bond, Skase, when will these business men be lrft alone to do what they do best make money.
Come on Australia get over this tall poppy thing.:~)

Silverlines said...

Well, Australia seems to be the land of hope for many people, and I am pretty sure this guy might not be the only smuggler in the region. Seems to be a good business for them.

Looking forward to more arrests, that would also be interesting to know why it took seven years to uncover him.

Rob Baiton said...

Tall poppy syndrome?

Bond is back in the latest rich list with most of his fortune restored.

Skase is dead without ever forfeiting all of his fortune...

Money is money and it is always the case that for some one to be rich there has to be some one else who has to be poor, that's life!

All we have to do now is rid the world of taxes and then the only thing that will be certain in this world will be death :D

It is not tall poppy syndrome though. Trading in human misery just does not leave that sweet lingering taste of having made an honest buck.

Rob Baiton said...

People smuggling is a good trade until you get caught. Large sums of cash change hands to make the system work.

If there was no money in it then there would be no market and no smugglers.

More arrests? As I said we will have to wait and see.