11 July 2008

Beijing, The Olympics, and Dogs

I am writing this post because my mother SMS-ed me earlier today saying that she entered a competition where she had to write in 25 words or less, "Why she wanted to go to Beijing to watch the Olympics?", bugger me if the old bird didn't win!

So, now her and the old fella are off to Beijing to watch the Olympics. Lucky buggers!

The other reason is that this story brings back memories of home. I used to be the Manager of a Domino's Pizza joint. It helped pay my way through law school. Every day that I went to work I had to drive past this Chinese restaurant, not particularly interesting in and of itself. However, this particular Chinese restaurant was in the same building as the local vet! Hence the connection to this story.

The Beijing Tourism Board officials have apparently been doing the rounds of local restaurants that are officially designated dining spots during the games and instructing them that dog meat is to come off the menu. Any one thinking of going to Beijing, then the word to learn is "xiangrou" or "fragrant meat". Aside from the designated eating places, tourism officials are also asking non-designated fine dining establishments to also take xiangrou of the menu.

Xiangrou supposedly provides health benefits. Most people I have talked to said that it increased their body temperature and made them sweat. The classic question must be what does dog meat taste like. I must add that I have no desire to find out either. I have eaten snake and crocodile meat and a range of other game meats of which I won't bore you with. The "what does it taste like" question is always interesting. Stock answer, chicken!

For me the issue has always been getting over the idea of eating a pet. I have always owned dogs. Never owned a rabbit so have no problems dining on rabbit stew.

However, if you want to see the darker side of the dog meat trade in China, I provide this link (viewer discretion advised -- it is a very ugly and cruel trade). I have looked at the link, it is disturbing. I now can see why there are many people passionate about animal rights!

I am not posting any pictures to this post.


Katadia said...

Hi Rob. Today's headline in The Canberra Times was "China Spied on top ALP figures". I just thought I'd mention it because the so-called recruitment supposedly happened in a Chinese restaurant in Chinatowm.

I used to work in a number of Chinese restaurants here to help me through uni too. Two of them were frequented by MPs alike when parliament was sitting.

Wasn't aware of any espionage recruitment and dogs were not in the menu either :D (Oh, except Ross Cameron introduced me to a Chinese businessman importing bras to Australia). LOL.
The weirdest thing I saw was "immitation" scallops and jelly made from chilled fish blood. Now that you got me thinking about it, I should make a posting about it! Have a good weekend.

Rob Baiton said...

Go for it!