30 July 2008

Gay Lube Oil

One of my blogging colleagues, GJ, has decided that a good way of increasing traffic is to write something on gay clubs. He notes that his traffic seems to increase significantly after a gay clubs post, particularly in the number of hits he gets from Malaysian IPs. Keeping this in mind, I have decided that I should check out whether the "gay" theme does anything for my statistics and ranking, both of which have been plummeting into the never-ending abyss over the last couple of weeks.

Now the use of steroids is one of those issues that draws extreme arguments from each side of the equation. My personal view is that for people wanting to use them for cosmetic reasons then they should be allowed to. If the government is concerned then they should not prohibit the use of steroids but require that they be administered under a doctors care based on a prescription.

I am not making arguments for an against the use of steroids in professional sports. However, when steroids are used properly and are not misused and abused then the evidence suggests that they are safe. Steroids are no different from any other drug in that if they are abused or misused then the side-effects and consequences can be severe. The steroid debate is a hypocritical one by my reckoning as the government and some medical practitioners have sort to demonize steroids as the epitome of evil yet they do not come out anywhere near as strongly against tobacco or alcohol, very weird!

Anyway, back to the gay lube oil story. It seems that Australian Customs has seized more than 100 bottles containing illegal liquid steroids hidden inside sexual lubricant packaging with the aptly named bottles being labelled "gay lube oil". The bottles apparently contain testosterone and deca durabolin. To import these substances is not prohibited provided you have the necessary paperwork from the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

The maximum penalty for smuggling goods such as these into Australia is five years in prison and a $110,000 fine.

Now, aside from the fact that the substances are prohibited without the necessary paperwork, I am wondering how the gay lube oil is to work. I am particularly wondering about the way the testosterone and deca are to be injected. But, I guess that is another story for another time. These particular goodies have been imported from Thailand.

I suppose gay lube oil is like any other oil in that it keeps all your parts running smoothly and at peak performance.


GJ said...

I'm no expert but I think they may be taken rectally, via an injection of some sort.
I think there are internet sites with pictures but don't quote me!!

Rob Baiton said...

okey dokey...I will take your word for it!