30 July 2008

Dr. Laura Berman -- The Art of Intimacy

This is something that I stumbled across when I opened Yahoo and I am a sucker for lists! You can find Dr. Berman's blurb and mugshot here. The particular article that I stumbled across was provocatively titled "3 Signs That Your Man Is Cheating".

So, I figured this post would make a good community service announcement for my female readership (I am guessing maybe 3 or 4 of you). This is kind of like my pro bono contribution.

Here goes:

"1. Revived Interest in Appearance: If your partner suddenly undergoes a makeover of sorts, in which he spends much more time on his appearance, it could mean that he is trying to impress someone new. If he all of the sudden ditches his old khakis and sweats for something more stylish, it might be because he is trying to look his best for a new woman.

2. Missing in Action: If there are large periods in which your partner is absent and unaccounted for, it could be because there are mischievous motives behind his AWOL behavior. Whether it is a run to the corner store that takes over an hour, or whether he is constantly "working late," a missing husband could mean something sinister.

3. Mysterious Texts or Phone Calls: If you notice mysterious texts or phone calls on your phone bill, or if your husband tries to hide the phone bill or his cell phone from you, it might mean that there is a new love interest in the rafters. Additionally, if he spends more time on the computer, or tries to hide the screen he was looking at when you walk in the room, this is a good indicator that he might be philandering via the worldwide web."

I do not know that this is anything more than a mere warning sign, if that. Let's face it sometimes things are never as they seem to be. I have always figured that one of the pillars of my marriage was truth. I figure if you want to know, then you ask, you get the answer, and then you move on. No point in dwelling on it and letting the petty jealousies fester into full blown conflict, the war to end all wars!


Katadia said...

Hmm, the hubby is cheating judging by those 3 indicators! 1. He started on a no carb after 3 diets and has been walking home from work (50 mins) since Monday. 2. He eagerly wakes up and gets ready to catch the 7 am bus to work. 3. I swear most nights he'd rather surf the net and talk to his online buddies than give me a foot massage.
Glad to have you back Rob.

rimafauzi said...

am with katadia.
mr. husband is def cheating. he is on a diet and have been going out shopping for new clothes and shoes, he's been coming home late from what he says as 'spending time with buddies' and he has a new cellph number which bill he takes care of by himself.

wait a second, I told him to buy new clothes. I told him to get out more often cos he drives me nuts when he's in the house too much. I told him to get a new number cos I dont want his old colleagues to keep on calling him (they're jackasses)

btw rob, could you please change my link in your blogroll to http://rimafauzi.com/blogs? thanks a bunch!

Rob Baiton said...

Katadia and RF...

I did say that not all things are as they seem!