11 July 2008

More Shark Stories

I am not a huge fan of sharks but have never found it necessary to prove my courage by going and searching one out for a close encounter of the toothy kind! However, it seems that once you hit on one story then more on the same theme pop up all over the place.

The last couple of shark stories have focused on Australia. However, this little ripper comes from the US of A. To be specific the story comes out of Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts, which ironically enough also happens to be where they shot the classic film, Jaws.

Edgartown was the location of an unconfirmed sighting of a great white shark. Obviously, these sharks like to do the rounds of the world's oceans because this is the same type of shark that was reported to have made its way into a lake and estuary system in Australia.

The sighting forced the closures of a couple of beaches in the area and a spotting plane was launched to try an locate the shark. But the shark had obviously chosen to go hunting elsewhere as it was not spotted in the area again.

Shark attacks are apparently rare in that part of New England however I am pretty sure that I would not want to be a statistic that started a new trend towards more frequency.

I still love to swim in the ocean. I guess the law of averages catches up to all of us sooner or later!


GJ said...

Hey Rob,

Once had a Noah's Ark swim directly under me as I sat out past the break on my surfboard. We had a pact if I didn't panic and thrash about then he wouldn't bite me. Carmly padded in shore after he left, spent a few minutes on the beach , then the lure of the swell dragged me back in the water.
To this day still no bite marks, well from sharks anyway.

Rob Baiton said...

Die hard surfers! The sharks don't scare you for very long and a good wave is a good wave.

Nice rhyming slang too!

How was the beach? I guess I will be reading about it in your blog :D

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