08 September 2009

Tila Tequila, Lights Out?

I have seen the name Tila Tequila around, but admittedly have never paid that much attention, anyway with a name like Tila Tequila I always figured she was probably an adult star / porn star. However, names can be deceiving. It turns out Tila is in fact Tila Nguyen, hails from Singapore with Vietnamese roots and makes her living singing and doing TV, MTV to be precise. Although in my defense she has appeared in Playboy.

Apparently, the Tequila alludes to the fact that she is allergic to alcohol and doesn't drink, so it is supposed to be a touch of irony. However, recent reports suggest that despite any Tweets to the contrary, Ms. Tequila lives up to her name and does not mind knocking back the odd tequila shot or five. It also seems that she does not mind taking a few slugs on the vodka bottle. Gossip, rumors, or eyewitness testimony to her appetite for liquor sort of puts paid to the idea that the girl is allergic to alcohol.

Her consumption of the wicked liquor has led to some trouble so it seems with her current boyfriend of San Diego Chargers fame, Shawne "Lights Out" Merriman, has been arrested and bailed for allegedly assaulting the diminutive Tequila. Lights Out comes in at a hefty 1.93 meters and some 120kgs so it is hardly going to be a fair contest.

Lights Out reckons there was no assault, rather he was trying to be protective and stop Tequila, who seemingly had a few too many tequilas from driving home. According to reports a scuffle occurred, Tequila eventually broke free, and then called the police. Tequila then signed off on a citizen's arrest warrant that alleges battery and false imprisonment, both of which are felonies as I recall.

So, it seems at the moment to be a he said, she said scenario. This means that the fun and games are just about to begin.

And they have. James Brennan, the owner of Stingaree (a celebrity spotting paradise apparently), and where Lights Out and Tequila kicked off their fateful evening, has said that in interviewing all of his staff the gist is that Lights Out was drinking bottled water and Tequila was living up to her name knocking back tequila and vodka until she was visibly intoxicated (I would guess this is code for pissed).

The reason for this post is self-serving as it lets me post a picture of Tequila in most of her glory.

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