30 September 2009

Australian Slang...

Will has been wandering round the house today and having a lot of fun making a mess. Normally, making a mess means pulling all the books off the book shelves and the CDs from the CD rack. It just so happened that one of the books he pulled off the shelves was one on Australian Slang. I thought I would have a look at it before putting it back on the shelf. There were stacks of phrases that I have not heard or used in ages,

Here is a sample of some.

1. Mad as a cut snake - a little crazy;

2. Put the bite on - ask for money;

3. I could eat the horse and chase the jockey - hungry;

4. Fair crack of the whip - fair go;

5. A few roos loose in the top paddock - not all there;

6. Onya - well done;

7. Flake out - collapse;

8. On for young and old - commotion or fight;

9. Hair of the dog - cure for a hangover;

10. Bush telegraph - gossip;

11. Come a gutser - fall off something or make a mistake;

12. Not within cooee - long way away;

13. Cobber - friend;

14. Not enough brains to give himself a headache - stupid or silly;

15. Keep your shirt on - stay calm;

16. Knuckle sandwich - punch in the mouth;

17. Do your lolly - lose your temper;

18. face like a sucked out mango - ugly;

19. Green around the gills - feeling sick; and

20. Pull your head in - mind your own business.

Maybe, and only maybe, if I feel like it I might post some more, but when it is all said and done, it might just be that I am as cunning as a shit house rat, and in any event I wouldn't be dead for quids.

Have a nice day!


LittleOzzyBloke said...

There is an 'f' word that can go in the middle, but better not drop it here.
You can only get so dinkum hey..

Rob Baiton said...


Not forgotten, but saved for a later post ;)

camobel.es said...

So much helpful data for me!