27 September 2009

Sir Edmund Hillary -- Tops the List of Greatest Living New Zealanders...

There is probably only one thing wrong with these recent poll results, Sir Edmund Hillary died more than 18 months ago on 11 January 2008. Sir Edmund Hillary was a fine man, a wonderful ambassador for New Zealand, and a humanitarian, at least in my reckoning.

When I was little, or perhaps younger, I wanted to climb Mt. Everest and Sir Edmund was one of the people that inspired such grand visions.

Even though Sir Edmund is dead, it seems that New Zealanders still remember his feats and his contributions. Perhaps, Sir Edmund remains alive in the hearts of many New Zealanders.

Following Sir Edmund in the list are New Zealanders who are in fact still alive: Helen Clark, the former Prime Minister; Sir Colin Meads, an All Black; and Sir Peter Snell, triple Olympic gold medallist.


Brett said...

This doesn't surprise me. Ed Hillary was the first living Kiwi to be put on bank currency - the five dollar note.

What surprises me is Helen Clark being on the list. Not that I disagree - she was probably our best Prime Minister and one hell of a politician - I am just surprised that so many people agree!

Rob Baiton said...


This post really was for you.

Thanks for commenting.