05 September 2009

Google and Racism...



Aries said...

This is shocking news.

Rob Baiton said...


I don't know about shocking. I would be guessing this is not something that is / was intentional.

I did a Google search with the terms and it did not come up with the recommendation. However, there seems to have been a little bit written about it and there has been a fair bit of commentary around the place.

pj said...


This is quite funny. If only it were true.

This screen dump has been circulating for some time now. There were even some simple instructions on how to create a matching page (i'm sure you know but i'll tell you anyways).

type "blck man raped me"
google will spellcheck blck to black
now change black to white in query box
capture screen and voila - instant internet controversy

there are all sorts of possibilities here given the present indo/malay kerfuffle hehehe

Rob Baiton said...



A little reading of the commentary when you do the Google search explains the lack of controversy in this here controversy :D

Thanks, though for parting with your knowledge on how it came to be.

tere616 said...

LOL, I try several times, seems that Google already corrected their racism :-)

But its quite interesting though, knowing that Google made a mistake like that.