24 September 2009

One For the Record Books -- 8.7kg Baby...

A woman has given birth in a hospital in Medan, North Sumatra. Nothing to shocking or newsworthy about that, except that the baby weighed in at a massive 8.7kg (photo). This makes it the heaviest baby ever born in Indonesia (at least in recorded births). The not so little fella is also some 62cm in length.

There is little surprise that the young one was delivered via caesarean. Apparently, even doing a c-section was a challenge in terms of getting the boy out of the mother's womb.

The boy and his mother are both doing well, according to news reports.

So, how did the young fella end up so large. Apparently, the mother has diabetes, and doctors believe that diabetes in pregnant women impacts on the amount of glucose that the fetus receives during pregnancy. Simple, the boy had too much glucose and this is what caused his massive growth.

I hope all continues to go well for bother mother and son.

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