08 September 2009

The Campaign Posters -- Offensive?

Saddam Hussein

Joseph Stalin

Adolf Hitler

These are the campaign posters (to-date) for the AIDS Is A Mass Murderer campaign being run in Germany. However, thanks to the Internet this campaign is probably going to take on a life of its own. Hopefully, bloggers and others can contribute to this campaign going a little bit viral (pun intended) to ensure that it reaches the maximum number of people.

The controversy aside, as to whether it increases the stigma on those living with HIV / AIDS, the fact that the campaign holds the potential to get people talking about the virus and our increasing complacency with respect to risk-taking behaviours, then the campaign is in my mind worthwhile.

I also remain to be convinced that the advertisements are suggesting that those people living with HIV / AIDS are mass murderers. To the contrary, I think the advertisements are saying that this killer lives among us, and 'this killer' is the virus.

That is just me though.

But on a slightly different note. Is there anything to be read into why Hitler and Hussein get brunettes and Stalin gets a blonde?


Brett said...

Political correctness aside, they're just plain tacky. Yuck.

Rob Baiton said...


Political correctness? Tacky? Yuck?

Just about covers it, I think. :D

Rob Baiton said...

Oops. No comment on the brunette and blonde question?

H. Nizam said...

Frankly speaking, my eyes only focused on the brunette & blond (lol)

Rob Baiton said...


I don't know what to say :D

Maybe I should post the happy snappies of Miss Indonesia 2008. The ones where she has a little bit of difficulty in sitting down and keeping her legs sufficiently together ;)

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