29 September 2009

Blog Housekeeping...

Dear All...

I have enabled comment moderation.

It seems that I have attracted some unwarranted attention and one particular thread has become a platform for defaming and slandering a number of individuals who do not voice an opinion that is in agreement with their views.

These commenters have opted to post anonymously or under pen names, but have so far failed to show the courage of their convictions and post under their real names. So, if you want your comment to be published use your name, or provide me with a reason why I should let you post under a pen name. That said, any tame comments posted by anonymous posters might make the grade provided they do not defame. If you post anonymously, then you take your chances with my discretion.

I feel that I have little choice but to enable comment moderation and prevent defamatory and slanderous comments from making their way into the public domain.

If you want to know what I am talking about then feel free to ask me and I will direct you to the relevant post and comments.


Anonymous said...

OOH I hate anonymous comments. Especially those with very strong opinions. I feel like they're being a coward by leaving a controversial comment but hiding under the anonymity label.

H. Nizam said...

Although I never moderate comments on my blog but I can understand if you are doing it now.

Rob Baiton said...


If I was tech savvy enough, and it was an option, then I would moderate comments only on specific posts.

One of my posts had attracted 355 comments before I turned on comment moderation. Many of the comments had become personal attacks on one particular commenter.

And, I was loathe to allow my blog, and that particular thread, to become a launch platform for defaming the individual concerned.

I am all for reasoned debate of the issues. But, personal attacks are a waste of time.

The personal attacks on me, my integrity, credibility, skills, or whatever, is like water off a duck's back for me. However, when the attacks are on others by people who are too cowardly to use their real name and hide behind the moniker anonymous or a pen name, requires that a line be drawn in the sand.


As I said above, I am loathe to go the comment moderation route as well. However, I am pretty sure you would do the same thing in the same situation if your blog degenerated into a personal battle field where one side was defaming the other from behind a veil of supposed anonymity.

The threats are always a wake-up call. You just do not know how serious they are.

I keep a log of all the IPs for people who visit. This is done specifically for this reason.

Yari NK said...

Yes I understand if you now activate the moderation mode. I myself received so many harsh comments but I have never been sure whether moderation is the best option to filter out or to ward off unpleasant comments. The only thing I got from moderation comments is that I didn't display voices that strongly opposed mine. Unless they don't threaten me or others personally why do I always feel bad if I don't display theirs? :(

Rob Baiton said...

Yari NK...

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Comments are always appreciated.

If the harsh and defamatory comments were directed at me and me only, then I would not bother to activate comment moderation.

The problem is that there are a few people who comment on certain posts, and one of these people who commented was then targeted by people using pseudonyms and hiding behind the veil of anonymity to defame that individual.

I will not, and cannot permit, my blog or any one particular thread (Tampoe) become a launching pad to settle personal scores or open old wounds.

As I said, if people want to have a go at me, then so be it. I am up for it and I am thick-skinned. I have also always believed that making u-your arguments personal is subterfuge to hide the deficiencies in the substantive argument.

In just about all ways it is a cowardly method to beat the other side down.

Anonymous said...

well done...was getting a little out of hand and a bit personal...shame everyone can't be nice...take care..good try all the same..

Rob Baiton said...


There was a post from a little Aussie bloke on the Tampoe thread. Which to my mind is pretty harmless. However, the deal was that any comments that were defamatory of the individual concerned or supportive of that person would be left in comment limbo.

If people want to have a go at me, then that is part and parcel of being the blog owner and author of the posts.

I have no affiliations with either side in the debate, either professional or personal, although both sides have emailed me with requests and demands.

It is sad really. But as Uncle Ned was alleged to have said: "Such is Life!"

Anonymous said...

yes..fully understand....my concern was a matter brought into the discussion that needed to be left alone..not having a go at you..
(i do have a blog id..keep forgetting the pw.)
littleozzybloke from fairbloodydinkum forum

Anonymous said...

oh...by the way...Ned never really said that phrase "such is life" when they hung him..(probably more like an expletive)
and i used to think that too..
but i got sick of people telling me he never said that...

such is life...

Rob Baiton said...


Mate, there were plenty of things that came up in the Tampoe thread that should have been left elsewhere or left alone.

I guess sometimes people cannot help themselves. I was surprised at how personal it became. It undermined not only the thread but the intentions of those that posted.

I expected that there might be some emotion as that would fit the nature of the case, but the bitterness about perceived or actual sleights was a revelation.

Rob Baiton said...

Oh, and with respect to Ned...a serous of expletives may well have been the case, but 'such is life' makes it all really simple.

Pramudya A. Oktavinanda said...

Ah, I always activate the comment moderation, though of course the comments on my blog are far less than yours, hahaha.

I guess moderation is not harmful and would be useful to check spams. Besides, people should be free to do what they want to do with their own property and a person's blog is that person's property.

Anyway, would love to know this particular posts and comments.

Thanks Rob.

Rob Baiton said...


I would rather not have to, but there are those out there who wanted to use my blog as a platform to attack others and defame and slander them...so very not cool!

The thread is "Tampoe" pretty easy to find.

This development has nothing to do with spam. It has everything to do with anonymous posters who only seem to be able exhibit courage from behind the veil of anonymity.

belajar bahasa inggris said...

i have read 359 comments so far in tampoe thread, some anonymous call my beloved country Indonesia is disgusting place, barbaric, and Human life means nothing in Indonesia,etc.

this man (i am not sure whether he is man, woman or dog,because in internet even a dog can pretend to be human as long as able to type ) is disgrace to human race if he/she is human being, but if he/she is a dog than he/she is disgrace to dog race.

i believe peoples should be free to express their opinion as long as not "disgusting, barbaric and appreciate human life".

by the way,i admire Pak Rob for how you deal with this kind of disgusting, barbaric people or may be dog.


oh iya,"more than 50% of the people in the world have never made or received a phone call" as you said. that doesn't mean they have less valuable life.

some peoples can be so ignorant.regardless they know how to use a phone or not.

i support your decision Pak Rob, and my apologize for any barbaric comment


Rob Baiton said...


You have done well, and better than most, in reading all the comments to date on the Tampoe thread.

It seems that your English is progressing well and you are learning to insult just like a native speaker.

Sometimes though, it is better to just let ignorance be to you like water off a duck's back.

The idea that Indonesia is a disgusting place highlights nothing more than the commenters ignorance and own short-sightedness. Don't sweat the little stuff. Anonymous posters are not worth it.

One of the reasons that comment was posted anonymously was because the brave soul who wrote it does not have the courage to put their name to it.It is always easier to insult other when you think the other person does not know who you are.

Thanks for the support, it is appreciated.