22 September 2009

Maia, Dhani, Krisdayanti, and Divorce...

Ahmad Dhani is not one to miss an opportunity to see his name up in lights or in the press. He was most certainly aware that as soon as he said that Krisdayanti was involved in his divorce that he would attract plenty of media attention. According to Dhani there were three people who busted up his marriage, and one of these three was Krisdayanti or KD.

Dhani has gone on TV to offer his support to Anang and has provided some advice. This advice included finding himself a younger wife and leaving the old one behind.

Maia in response has, in essence, called Dhani's claims garbage, and has stated unequivocally that KD had no bearing on her divorce from Dhani. To the contrary, she seems to suggest that it was an internal conflict between her and Dhani that led to an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.

The Maia vs. Dhani divorce has been messy and very ugly from the outset. It has quite often, almost always played out on national TV, and sadly the children of the marriage have seemingly been used as pawns in the whole affair. Dhani, even claims that Maia has tried to indoctrinate his children against him but has failed in her attempts.

I wonder if there is anything that Krisdayanti can learn from Maia's experience?

The video is in Indonesian.


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