23 September 2009

Joko Anwar, Janji Joni, and Naked in Circle K...

Joko Anwar, movie director of Janji Joni fame, promised that if he ever reached 3000 followers on twitter that he would do the Circle K naked run. A promise is a promise.

However, this sort of promise was, and always is, like a red rag to a bull. In next to no time, Anwar not only had 3000 followers on his twitter account but had sky-rocketed to more than 13,000 followers. I guess getting to see a director naked in Circle K gets some people in. I am wondering though if he is inclined to make another promise. For example, if he reaches 30,000 followers he will get naked at Monas, or if he reaches 50,000 followers he will walk naked round Grand Indonesia plaza or something, and at a more popular time like during the lunch rush hour?

For those of you who don't tweet and who think twittering and tweeting are things that birds (with feathers) do, then you can check out the photo above. The photo has an appropriately placed large red dot. I have heard that the dot is in fact larger than it really needed to be. Unfortunately, if you do not twitter or tweet then this news is coming late to you.

Some people will do anything to get a little publicity or to become popular. I am sure this has to violate a number of laws and regulations. I wonder if the Indonesian authorities are going to do anything about this public display of human flesh.

Nevertheless, it might be good news for Circle K as this might reinvigorate a trend and be a boon for sales as people hang around waiting for the next celebrity to offer to do the Circle K naked run when they hit a pre-agreed number of followers on twitter. I wonder, should I promise to get naked somewhere if I reach a 1000 followers on this blog? I really don't think that promising to get naked in my case would help, as I cannot think of one person that might be even slightly intrigued at seeing me naked.

This is probably also a good advertisement for social networking media like twitter as it highlights the immediacy with which information, and in this case, photos, can change hands.


Anonymous said...

Rob, In the interests of good taste & morality, I suggest that when the magic 1000 followers happen, then post the very next blog whilst naked in the privacy of your own home, or just say "bugger it, I've done it" and don the the runners and nothing else and jog across the Coat Hanger.

PS no need for photos, unless they are of a little Japanese porn starlet!!!


GJ said...

Sorry wasn't logged on for last comment.

Rob Baiton said...


Gotta say, I have been thinking another Miyabi post is on the cards.

I am getting hundreds of hits from all over the world each day the post has been up. A good number of these have been from Indonesian IPs.

I guess this means that Ramadan is over :D

Anonymous said...

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