07 September 2009

Susan Boyle -- No. 1 -- November Album Release

Instant celebrity, fame, and riches. The Susan Boyle story is probably worthy of a film or at least a made for TV documentary or something.

Boyle was the overnight sensation discovered on Britain's Got Talent. Overnight sensation and seemingly some lasting fame. The clip of her appearance on Britain's Got Talent found its way onto YouTube and subsequently became one of the most watched videos of all time at YouTube. Boyle's album, I Dreamed a Dream, is scheduled for release on 24 November 2009. However, it is available for pre-order at Amazon.com for a mere USD 9.99.

Surprising or not, the album already occupies Amazon.com's No.1 slot. Boyle has trounced both Whitney Houston and The Beatles to claim the No.1 spot.

Too bad I cannot sing!

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