17 September 2009

Toys for Children -- Stuffed STDs

It is mid-September and getting close to Christmas. We have been planning to get away and go up the New South Wales north coast for a week or so just after Christmas. This obviously gets one to thinking about buying gifts in preparation for the big day where the fat fella in a red suit comes down the chimney and leaves a bag full of goodies for the kid.

Anyways, the best place to get ideas for gifts I reckon is the internet. So, online I went.

The above is what I found. It was one of those moments where one shakes their head, smiles, and then thinks, "I wonder who bought one or all of those?"

You can see the water cooler conversation now, can't you?

John: Hey Bill, what did you get your kid for Christmas?

Bill: I gave him chlamydia and the pox! What about yourself? What did you give yours?

John: Funnily enough, I gave my kid the clap and herpes.

There is something that does not sit right with the idea of making stuffed toys to represent sexually transmitted diseases or infections (STD / STI) and then giving them to children.

Imagine your kid takes one of these stuffed toys to school:

Teacher: Johnny, what did you get for your birthday?

Little Johnny: Miss, my parents gave me the clap!

Teacher: Oh, OK, how do you like it?

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