15 September 2009

Schapelle Corby -- The Innocence Side...

I have written frequently about the plight of Schapelle Corby (image from here). And, I must admit from the outset that I am not convinced the girl is innocent. Nevertheless, there are those very passionate people who are convinced of Schapelle's innocence and they are going all out to prove their case. I admire their passion and conviction and the commitment to the Corby cause.

There are a lot of believers out there in Schapelle Corby's innocence. I list them here and I encourage you to read and get a feel for what the alternatives are to the guilt that was established in a Bali court that saw Schapelle Corby sentenced to 20 years jail.

I have always held that the sentence was too harsh, even by Indonesian standards, but believe that it was harsh because the case was handled so very poorly from the outset.

I remain unconvinced of her innocence, but, that said, it is worth reading what those who support her innocence have to say in order to get n overall understanding of the pros and cons of this case. I would also be interested in becoming involved in an innocence project style project if one was to come together.

Here are the links.

1. The Truth About Aussie Gold;

2. The Corby Case - Part I;

3. The Corby Case - Part II;

4. On My Honour;

5. Free Schapelle;

6. Corby and the Bali Police;

7. Rodent Millenium;

8. Foreign Prisoner Support Service;

9. Free Schapelle.net;

10. Schapelle Corby;

11. The Hidden Truth Report (Very Interesting and Worth the Read);


Tina said...

What makes you think she is guitly? Surely you dont believe the heartless ratings hungry media and corrupt Indonesian judges and police?

Rob Baiton said...


Actually it has nothing to do with "the heartless ratings hungry media and corrupt Indonesian judges and police".

I would add that not all Indonesians are corrupt, including judges and police, just as not all Australians are convicted drug smugglers.

I have answered this particular question in considerable detail on the thread about Robin Tampoe. So, if you are interested in seeing why I think she is guilty, the flaws in the case, the admission into evidence of certain facts, and what my views are about what should happen now, feel free to check out the other thread.


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