02 November 2008

Wiranto, Sutiyoso, and the Indonesian Presidency

The recent passage of the Presidential Election Bill was likely to draw criticism and this criticism was likely to be from prospective candidates like Wiranto and Sutiyoso. The reason being that to all intents and purposes it makes the task of getting them nominated considerably more difficult and will demand a lot more horse trading to occur to make a nomination happen. Horse trading is likely to increase the expense.

The bill sets a threshold of 20% of seats or 25% of the popular vote. Now, this can be an individual party or an alliance of parties. However, in this dog-eat-dog world that is Indonesian politics the chance of either putting together an alliance of that size is unlikely.

The cause of action will undoubtedly be a constitutional challenge to the Constitutional Court. The challenge should be an interesting one as the bill in demanding a 20% of seats or 25% of the popular vote threshold inadvertently would seem to rule out the idea of independent candidates.

It would seem another former general is also likely to come on board as it would seem the threshold requirements severely dent the chances of Prabowo from ascending to the top job. The photo of the three was taken from here.


schmerly said...


Seeing as Wiranto has an international arrest warrant out on him, it would be a bit of a joke if he ever became president, as it would restrict his travelling a bit, no gallivanting around the world visiting other heads of state, and as to Sooty! Well what can one say about this clown that hasn’t already been said.

Rob Baiton said...


It would make an interesting legal argument as to whether you could arrest a current head of state for crimes committed prior to his inauguration as President while he was president or would you have to wait until he was done?

This is all hypothetical because Wiranto just won't get the votes or the seats. So, in that sense it is moot.

Also interesting would be the further Indonesia develops as a democracy is there a chance that one day an Indonesian government would give Wiranto up on the international warrant?

schmerly said...


Give Wiranto up! I don't think
that'll happen in my lifetime he's one of the good old boys.

Look at the fiasco with Soeharto! OK Wiranto's not in the same league as him but this is Indonesia yea?

Like you say Rob it's a moot point I really can't see him ever becoming president.

Mia said...

I'm no expert on Indonesian politics - and feel a bit embarrassed because you seem to know a great deal more than me, an Indonesian citizen. However, if those three were ever nominated for presidency I wouldn't vote for any of them... For me they all represent the (rotten) past and not the future. They might not be bringing winds of change but rather a blast from the past!

But that's just me.. a clueless citizen.

schmerly said...

Nicely put Mia! Jangan malu, your not clueless dong!

Rob Baiton said...


No need to be embarrassed as "seem" might be the operative word here :D

Indeed a blast from the very recent past.