04 November 2008

The Moment of Truth for a Post-Racial Candidate

Is there such a thing as a "post-racial" candidate (photo)? Well, the moment of truth is upon our US brothers and sisters in this most crucial of elections.

I know some of my readers do not giver the proverbial rat's about what happens and who wins. As a student of politics and law, I am interested. To think that the US might finally elect a black man, an African-American if you prefer, is a momentous step, at least in my mind.

Maybe by this time tomorrow we will know who the next president of the US will be. Then again some polls are reporting a tightening race that seems like it might be heading down to the wire.

I like elections!


rimafauzi said...

Hey Rob.. the template looks good, although personally I like the old one better.

Anyway, I was a bit surprised that Obama won. I mean this is a milestone in the sense that not only did and african american won the race Obama is an AFRICAN african-american, not an American african-american (you get what I mean, right?)

His victory really cemented the notion that America is indeed a land of opportunity. Good on americans for proving the world wrong about them.

jaka said...

It is a breakthhrough indeed. Let us then wait to some more breakthruogh: non-male president, non-Christian president, and the list becomes long.

Gosh Rob, if the US needs 40 years more to realise this (after MLK Jr. speech), how long does Indonesia need to prove its democracy (regarding the structure of the society and education level) ? Any idea (from a "bule" thought, he he, because it is their "demand" too for a better Indonesia, isnt it) ?

Rob Baiton said...

Hey Rima...

Thanks! You are not the only one on the preferring the previous version. Maybe it will grow on people :D

I was not surprised that Obama won. Yep, I get what you mean. Although, I did watch something on Fox earlier today where a commentator talked about him being bi-racial and that is why he won.

Yes, he is bi-racial but the implication seemed to be that because he was half white that white folks saw him as being white enough to vote for. Maybe I am reading to much into it, I don't know, but that just seemed wrong to me on so many levels.

My take is that most people saw the man, and liked what they saw, and then voted for the man. There are more than 60 million people voting in his favor. There are also a considerable number that preferred the other guy as well.

I have always wondered why it took so long. The being able to look past color and to choose / elect our politicians on the content of their character and their policies and not the color of their skin.

Now, that said, I wonder how long it will be before Australia can elect an indigenous Australian to parliament who then rises to lead their party as Prime Minister. Or any one of the other Australians who hail from a foreign ancestry other than Anglo-Celt.

I asked someone recently could they ever envisage an Australian of Chinese ancestry becoming PM.


Funny you should ask. I was going to write a post later tonight on whether an Indonesian of Chinese, Arab, or Indian ancestry could conceivably ascend to the top job here.

Indonesia seems a little more advanced in terms of the glass ceiling for women than the US :D

schmerly said...


Indonesia is to bloody prejudiced to ever have someone of a different race or a non Moslem as their president.

schmerly said...


Nice to see a pretty face on this blog.

schmerly said...


What people fail to realise is democracy took hundreds of years to develop in the west, a lot of people in Indonesia seem to think they already have a democracy! They’ve got a good few years to go yet!

schmerly said...


I’m happy to see (little fat Barry!) become the pres of the USA, he’s the most popular president in very long time, and reading the JP today it looks like the Indonesian’s like him to, but I think he can only ride the popularity train for so long, and I guess only time and his policy’s will tell how long he remains this popular.

Rob Baiton said...


Stop flirting with the visitors!

Are you sure that it is a failure to realize?

Or is it just a case of wanting to see real change as quickly as possible? Just because it took a long time in the West does not mean it has to take the same amount of time here, does it?

Time will tell on Obama and what he is capable of. Talking about reform and driving reform are too different scenarios.

That said, the Democrats are going to have increased Senate and House majorities so they should be able to muster the numbers to work a powerful legislative agenda.

schmerly said...


You can’t beat a bit of the old genitness!
I don’t quite understand when you say, Are you sure that it is a failure to realize?
Sorry mate I’m a bit thick today.

Rob Baiton said...


Failure to realize in terms of creating a democracy.

jaka said...

Mana artikelnya Pak Rob? ;) I am waiting ... because I really notice that you have a good level of understanding toward (West) Indonesian society. Australian seem really better than any other westerner in this part.

Of course Arab-Indonesian will face the smallest resistance. The candidate has been named either, although not officially.

About the template: why put two articles side by side with different length? Looks "unbalanced". However, I tend to judge on content, not face.

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