21 November 2008

Two-Faced Kitten

Deformities or abnormalities always make sensational news stories and it does not just have to be human beings. Animal deformities also peak human interest. This is the case with a very recent birth of a two-faced kitten in Western Australia. The scientific term most closely linked to this would be polycephaly or having more than one head. Not sure of what the term is for having two faces (maybe one of my readers can help out on this front).

People seem to be fascinated with differences.

The cat has survived a night on the outside and by all accounts this is a good sign. However, only one of the mouths eats food. Yet, both faces have the ability to meow and apparently meow in unison. This is not the first time a two-faced kitten has been born and it is not even the first time this year. There were reports earlier in the year of two-faced kittens being born in Texas and Ohio.

It seems that the story has been picked up by international news agencies. The story has been reported by Fox News in the US and also by The Telegraph in the UK.


The kitten has reportedly died.


schmerly said...


I think we should call the kitten Ay Be AKA (Aburizal Bakrie) he’s also a two faced bastard! I’ve noticed on the blog nobody seems to utter the words (ABURIZAL Bakrie) are they afraid to say the name of this creacher in case the devil visits them, AKA police, premen defenders of Islam Etc.

At least under Soeharto we had (guided democracy) now we don’t seem to have any.

therry said...

That kitten is so cute!!!! Wonder what it'll look when it gets bigger.

Mia said...

I think it's fascinating because normally natural selection would have not let those kittens lived. Didn't the mommy cat tried to kill those kittens, or did she nurse them?

Humans are the only creature that tends to take care of the sick and keep the abnormals around - just look at my family hahahaha!

schmerly said...

Oops schmerly! brush up on your spelling.

Rob Baiton said...


Gotta say that you have an ability to turn a two-faced kitten story into a rail on the Coordinating Minister of His Family's Welfare.

I don't know that AB is two-faced. I would be thinking that he is blind, blind to the fact that one of his families companies is causing so much hurt to so many and yet he does not make a call and tell the paper shuffling pencil necks running the show while he is away to do the right thing.

I would have thought Soekarno was more into the guided democracy thing and Soeharto was more into the kleptocrazy dictatorship form.


Unfortunately, it is not going to get any bigger. It died overnight. One of the links in the post is a you tube video of a cat with two faces.


Nature has taken its course. Yes, it seems to be a very human thing for us to look after the sick, wounded, and otherwise challenged.

I will have to take your word on your family :D


I have a spellchecker that works on the comments as well as the main posts.