01 November 2008

Bali Bombers -- The Clock is Ticking?

Word on the street is that the 72 hour notification that is required to be given to a condemned person prior to their execution was given on Friday at 21.00.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

I should add that, seeing is believing!

I am sure that most people will not believe that this whole tragic and sad saga is over until these three are executed and buried. Even then there will probably be those that believe some conspiracy has taken place and they have been whisked off to some faraway locale.


schmerly said...


Like you say we may not know for sure if these morons have been executed or not, but don’t forget the world is watching this circus, and if they try and fake it there would be hell to pay.
And it could impact on SBY politically.

schmerly said...


Here’s a interesting link for you from the beeb:


schmerly said...


I see prince Charlie is in Indonesia, perhaps he’s come to watch the executions!!

Brett said...

Guys, let it go. Your baying for blood is just a bit sad.

Rob Baiton said...

Schmerly 1, 2, and 3...

I was just taking the piss on the conspiracy thing.

I will check out the link later today.

Probably not on the Prince Charles thing. Something to do with forests I think :d


Not baying for blood. Merely pointing out the clock is ticking.

I am anti-death penalty. I do not consider it a deterrent and particularly not in this case.

Enjoy your Sunday.

schmerly said...


On the conspiracy thing, in today's JP a writer is saying the same sort of thing and wondering about the use of helicopters, the suggestion is they may be spirited away, the writer also suggests the executions should be filmed!
Who knows.

Rob Baiton said...


Have not read the JP today.

Sounds like a story for the National Enquirer. The National Enquirer does some good reporting but they also run stories like JFK is still alive.

If I recall, the story goes JFK was spirited away and lived out his days in Cuba or something.

So, maybe this JP writer has a wild imagination like that :D