25 November 2008

Plaza Indonesia and The Food Hall

The Food Hall, which to most is simply Sogo, has a problem. This is particularly the case with the Plaza Indonesia venue!

I went there after work to buy a few necessities, at least in terms of the lives of the Wife and I, and was unpleasantly surprised to find that the receipt on walking out was far more than I expected it to be. A quick skim of the receipt highlighted why. The prices marked on the shelves were way lower than what was coming up on the scanner.

This I pointed out to the girl on the check out. Her response was along the lines of, "Really! Oh well!" When I suggested to her that it was the equivalent of theft she thought I was kidding. I wonder how many people go through the checkout counter without ever checking whether the prices listed on the receipt.

The problem for me was that it was 21.30pm and if I was to stick to my guns then I was likely to be going home empty handed. A complaint to the manager has previously resulted in a, "Yeah, we will rectify the problem ASAP!" So, seeing I had already paid I continued on my now less than merry way.

For example, the following:

Pokka Jasmine Green Tea on the shelf was IDR 19,000 on the scanner it was IDR 25,100.

Oregon Pitted Dark Cherries on the shelf was IDR 22,500 and on the scanner it was IDR 24,900.

So, I guess this is a case of buyer beware.


invisible said...

Imported food prices are starting to skyrocket in Indonesia, due to the weak rupiah, and stringent import practices.
They probably forgot or havent had a chance to update the new prices on the shelves.
However, you should be compensated for the difference, as the fault was theirs and not yours. For the sake of good customer relations and loyalty the manager should have compensated you on the spot.
Perhaps a letter to the JP would help to rectify this problem, and more importantly raise awareness of the issue.
I never cross-check the prices as i have always assumed a large supermarket chain like sogo/foodhall could never do something like that, but as the saying goes, 'when you assume, you make an ASS of U and ME.

Rob Baiton said...


There is no doubting that. There was some discrepancy on local produced stuff as well.

Maybe, giving them the benefit of the doubt.

One of my many jobs that paid my way through uni included stacking shelves at the local supermarket (usually late at night). The prices were changed as we went along stacking the shelves.

This time I could not be bothered jumping up and down on the spot. It is not the first time it has happened at the Plaza Indonesia branch of the Food Hall. The last time it happened I was a little less pleasant about the situation and the manager offered to refund my money. However, I had paid by credit card and she offered to send something off which would see my account credited in a couple of weeks time.

This was not acceptable and I ended up with the cash in hand. This time I just could not be bothered at 21.30 and I really wanted the jasmine green tea and the milk and the canned fruit.

Since the previous time I have been generally shopping at Carrefour. This was the first time since then that I had ventured into the food hall at Plaza Indonesia.

I guess I won't be back for a while.

GJ said...


Had the same experience in Ace hardware once, the difference was 1,000,000 rups so i kindly told them to stick it but it was already on the credit card. They told me that they couldn't issue a credit and I would have to return during the week and the credit would then take 2 weeks to process.

Again told them "Bollocks" called for the duty manager and explained with the help of FG, what needed to be done. It was credited on the spot and the next statement reflected this.

Lying bastards!!!!!!!

I hate the "it can't be done excuse" for not being bothered.

I suggest vote with your feet, next time.


Elyani said...

Rob, this does happen in Carrefour too. I read a number of letters to editor online that highlighted this issue. When confronted they are always being defensive saying that price at the check-out/computer is the correct one. Or they have not changed the price label at the shelves. In Carrefour you will get refund if you pay in cash but it took about an hour to process it.

treespotter said...

i've long suspected that, now you just explained why.

therry said...

People will do everything to get money. Even going for the shifty ways if those are what it takes.

Rob Baiton said...


Normally, I would have been a little more principled and told them what I thought about their customer service practices. But, as I said, I really wanted the items and I was not going to get my way without jumping up and down. So, I muttered "bugger" and went home.


Yep, I know that it happens at Carrefour too. Perhaps we have read the same letters to the editor. It has not happened to me yet in the Carrefours that I go to.


Glad to have been of service.


Any thing for a few extra Rupiah!

Devi said...

I've seen same cases at Carrefour. I rarely shop my groceries at The Food Hall regarding the well-known highly costs but I can't believe they cheat like that! What a shame.

santi d said...

I wonder if the managers and the staffs in many stores in my country are really incompetent, or they are just cheaters. Either way, saya malu!

Rob Baiton said...


I have heard about the Carrefour cases as well. It is strange because it is something that is easy to rectify.

I think it is laziness rather than any intentional cheat, but then again I am always too nice when it comes to giving others the benefit of the doubt.

Santi D...

Why be embarrassed? It is something that happens in other parts of the world too!

Besides it is not you that is making the mistake. If anything, it is the managers and owners of the place that should be embarrassed!

Ruthie said...

Same thing happened to me too at Foodhall Plaza Indonesia.
I was buying peach, the price label in the counter said Rp 7000 per ounce. So I took one just to try it since i've never eaten peach before. But when the person weighed the fruit, it turned out to be Rp22,500. I only took one peach which weight around 2 ounce. What a big difference, it took Rp22500 for one peach??!! So I just put it back, and never shop there anymore.

Rob Baiton said...


Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

I am now back in Australia so I no longer need to worry about the mis-pricing of goods in the Sogo Food Hall.

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