01 November 2008

Sweet Home Obama

This is news that has made headlines around the world and is likely to continue to do so until the US Presidential election process concludes on 4 November.

Now, if Obama wins, then it is likely to be news for a while yet. And, the question will always be will President Obama visit one of his childhood homes when he makes a visit to Indonesia (photo is of the home).

The story is an interesting one in its entirety however a long story short. Obama spent a couple of his childhood years living in the Menteng area of Central Jakarta.

Now some 35 years later a Dutch businessman with extensive business interests in the bar and cafe scene in Jakarta and Bali has decided that a good cafe might be just the thing to capitalize on Obama mania.

It would be a cafe and not a bar. The products of choice would be a Barack blend of coffee mixing Kenyan and Indonesian beans. The other product would be Dutch inspired stroopwaffles. The place is also likely to become a bit of a museum decked out with Obama memorabilia (some might say a shrine). Yet, in a business sense it really needs Obama to come through and win the election. Simply, a coffee joint for a junior senator from Illinois is probably not going to pay the bills.

It is being reported that Bartele Santema is offering USD 500 a month as rent. This is unlikely to get the deal done with rumors floating around of a solid offer for USD 3 million for the whole property and other rumors suggesting that in the event the world sees a President Obama then the value of the property could be as much as five time the 3 million supposedly already on offer.

There is little doubting in terms of the value of the Obama brand should he become President of the USA and leader of the free world.

Good luck to all involved and may your hopes, dreams, and prayers for financial success be realized this 4 November.

You can find news of this momentous event at Bugil News, The Wall Street Journal, AP, and CNN.


tere616 said...

Hope that they don't do the changes since the house looks like my childhood house with an antique tile.

Can't wait the Obama's Bar and memorabillia :-p

schmerly said...


I know these two reprobates rather well, but I must admit Bart and Lens have done a great job bringing the old EP back from the abyss, good on ‘em.

How’s that for a plug!!!

Rob Baiton said...


I don't know that I would be taking USD 500 (assuming this is the true amount) from a Dutch fella wanting to open a cafe, particularly if there is an offer for USD 3 million or more to sell.

In light of this you might be waiting a while. I guess we will see though.


Not surprised that you know these gentlemen.

You will have to ask them about the plug!

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