01 November 2008

Stupid is as Stupid Does 3

It goes without saying that stupidity can happen anywhere and this is a case in point.

Marcus Einfeld (photo courtesy of Sahlan Hayes / SMH) in an attempt to lie his way out of an AUD 77 speeding ticket has exposed himself to up to 24 years in prison for trying to perjury and making a false declaration. He will not get that much time in prison but nevertheless he should probably do some prison time.

The culmination of three years worth of to and fro came down to two guilty pleas in the New South Wales Supreme Court.

What makes this case all the more interesting is that Einfeld is a former Federal Court judge of some 15 years standing and also a former Chairman of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. To suggest that he should of known better is probably an extreme understatement.

Originally, Einfeld had been indicted on 14 separate offences of which all but the two he pleaded guilty to were either tossed in a legal sense (based on technicalities) or withdrawn.

For a man who at 70 years of age and a distinguished career in the law the idea of lying one's way out of a 77 dollar fine is either the height of arrogance or stupidity or perhaps both. Nevertheless, this foolishness should ensure that rather than enjoying his retirement with family and friends he will have the opportunity to make some new friends in prison.



lawbugger said...


Btw I enjoy the white better.

I also enjoy your reports over at hukumonline. Anything forthcoming on the (delayed) urgency of NPWP's for expats?

Rob Baiton said...


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ON the NPWP, not yet.