06 November 2008

A Black Bond?

This past week or so has seen a few firsts, and first among these is the election of Barack Hussein Obama as the first black President of the United States of America. Obama showed the world what charisma, hope, and a disciplined message can achieve.

Just the weekend before the F1 world saw Lewis Hamilton become the first black F1 Champion of the World. In Hamilton's case it was all about someone giving him a shot, a shot that he had earned coming up through the ranks, and his driving skills took care of the rest.

This has led the current James Bond, Daniel Craig to suggest that it is about time there was a colored Bond.

Actually, what Craig said was, "After Barack Obama's victory I think we might have reached the moment for a coloured 007."

A black Bond would be not outside the realm of belief. I do not recall anyone saying that MI6 or whatever it is now being an exclusively Anglo or white employer.


Anonymous said...

I don't think any black actors qualified as black bond, yet.

Maybe in the future, but I have to admit that I absolutely hate Daniel Craig and his pouting lips! give me my Pierce brosnan back! (sorry for OOT! :P )

therry said...

I agree, Daniel Craig lacks the charisma that Pierce Brosnan has.

That's what being a Bond is - charisma, not some XXX superhero who shows muscles and smears blood all over his tux.


therry said...

Rob, this is OOT, but if I may suggest something for your new template, is that perhaps it's better to have the postings in one column instead of two, because sometimes your postings are really long, so it's kinda difficult to read when there are 2 columns and there's one on the right that's long post and the left one is short, which leaves a blank space on the left.

Aesthetically speaking, as well, of course ;)

Just my 2 rupiahs.

Rob Baiton said...

The Writer...

We seem to be on the crest of a wave where all things seem possible :D

It is a good thing that people feel positive.

Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig? To tell you the truth, I have not been a Bond fan since the bonds were Roger Moore or Sean Connery.

The best bond was always, and will always be, George Lazenby. I might be biased though.


The old Bonds just won't cut the mustard anymore in this era of wham bam thank you maam super gadgets and exploding stuff.

You can always have your two Rupiah's worth. Yep, aesthetically speaking it is a bit of a problem, isn't it? The alternative is to either go one column or just two postings instead of three per page.

I am thinking and my brain is hurting.

Ben said...

If they can change M from a man to a woman, surely they can change Bond from white to non-white.

But it's not like we lack non-white action hero.

Diversity is good but no need to stuff it in one Bond, wouldn't you think? I'm not sure Ian Fleming would approve. It's his character and I think it shows respect to stick to the book.

Speaking of the color black, here's one input from an old man regarding your background color, Rob: It's harder for me to read.

First I thought it was just me. So I asked another friend (slightly younger) and she agrees. With black background and white letters, after you read for a while the letters turn into blurry lines.
If you don't experience this yet wait for some years until you reach my age... :)

It's very nice though, design-wise. Very cool and stylish. But you know we are not here for the frills.

Just something to consider, from us elderly (and loyal) readers.
Not that you need to change it or anything. We'll still drop by regardless.

treespotter said...

dude, bond is bond... as in, he's an actual character from MI6 - not just any agents. can't possibly have a black bond cuz he won't be bond.

we can just have repo bonds and colour it black, but no black bond

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

why not? even god's black.

then again...

schmerly said...

AT LAST!! It sounds like we’ve got someone who knows god's BLACK!!
Maybe they've met?

Rob Baiton said...


Yep! I cannot see why not? Although, I guess the question many would be asking is, "would Bond still really be Bond if he was not white?"

It might be a little hard to build another franchise with say 008, don't ya think?

On the black background. I did not realize you were an old man? No, I probably do not need to wait any more years for the blurry limes thing. I actually find this to be the case for me with a white background and black letters (after a while).

I changed the template partly because I am a little fond of black, but mainly because I thought it might be easier to navigate.

I will take your suggestions on board and see what I can come up with.


Repo Bonds?


And a woman too!


Maybe they have :D

The Black Bond said...

Thanks Rob

The Black Bond

Rob Baiton said...

The Black Bond...

You're Welcome!

I would reckon there is some competition to be the first black Bond. I hear that P. Diddy or is it Sean Combs or J. Lo's ex, has just made a video which he is claiming to be an audition for the part of a black Bond.

Unless of course you are P. Diddy?