05 April 2008

Why be the President of the Good Ol' US of A

If any of you were wondering why you might want to consider a run for the White House one day or the top political office of your own respective countries one day, then all you need to do is have a look at the Clinton's income tax returns!

Bugger me if William Jefferson Clinton (aka the Peppermint and Cigar President / Monica Lewinsky's Squeeze / Bill / WJB III / 42nd President of the United States of America) did not make USD 51 million in speaking fees! The total tax returns for the former President and HRC (aka Hillary RODHAM Clinton) total some USD 109 million. The Huffington Post has all the figures listed and tabulated for your convenience.

So, what can we learn from this other than in your post-presidential life you can become filthy stinking rich? We have just learned that based on these tax returns that HRC is certainly not wanting to be president because she needs the money! Let's face it the USD 400,000 she would earn as President is small change compared to what is being pulled in at the moment. So, the drive to become president must all be about wanting to believe that you are the most powerful person in the free world (presupposing that there might be some pretty powerful people in the not-so-free world)!

See ya...gotta go and dream up a plan of attack to make me the Prime Minister of Australia so I can get me some of those speaking fees that are getting tossed around on the lecture circuit!


treespotter said...

make me a minister for women affairs?

Rob Baiton said...


Funnily enough the request does not surprise me!

More to the point, why not? After all you do seem to know a lot of women and a lot about women!!!

GJ said...

Hi Rob
I think you can look at it like a training course, something on your resume for your later speaking career. Speaking @ $25,500 per hour not a bad job!!!! Not even High End hookers pull that sort of rate.