22 April 2008

Depression, Addiction, and Suicide

Surfing the Internet as one is prone to do, perhaps this is an addiction in itself, I have done a little reading about depression and suicide. I guess this was because I have been thinking a little bit about when melancholy becomes depression? A good site for learning about depression is Beyond Blue, it is an Australian based organization and well worth a visit.

The key is recognizing the signs and getting treatment. Depression is a serious illness and the solution is not always "chin up, life's not that bad, things will get better".

I have also been thinking about when something becomes a full-blown addiction from just being regular use? When does binge drinking, for example, become anything more than a night out on the turps? Or is binge drinking already an addiction in and of itself. My interest in this stems from a recent Australian government announcement to direct funds to an initiative that is going to tackle the problem of binge drinking.

On the suicide front, I have not been thinking about taking my own life or having someone do it for me in the form of suicide by cop, but rather I have been thinking about the motivations for someone taking the ultimate step.

Sorry for the rather sombre tone of this post. Just feel that encouraging debate on these issues and bringing them into open discussion is a worthwhile endeavour.

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