14 April 2008

Astro Soccer

Some might prefer football as opposed to soccer but no matter what your fancy in that regard, if you are an Astro subscriber you are getting screwed out of your subscription fees -- you're paying and Astro is not showing!

Aside from the monopoly rights issues that the Commission for the Supervision of Business Competition is looking into, the very fact that there are some 140,000 subscribers to this Pay TV operator who are not getting service begs the question; what's the problem here?

It seems that Astro has failed to pay some administrative fees and as a consequence the Department of Communication and Information has suspended their broadcasting rights. This is presumably until Astro comes good with the outstanding fees that have already beendue and payable for some time. As my good cyber colleague, Jakartass, points out that the outsatnding fees total some USD 20,000 and the block / suspension of services is costing Astro some USD 100,000 per day.

The obvious, and perhaps stupid question for the seemingly stupid Astro people, is why wasn't some of this USD 100,000 big 'uns directed towards paying these administrative fees?

I do not subscribe to Astro because even though it has the EPL the rest of its offerings are a little lame and I get more from my current provider at a cheaper price! Being a die-hard Arsenal fan I would have been a little bit annoyed if I was an Astro subscriber and could not get to see the game particularly when I had paid my fees and the company I paid them to for the privilege to watch the game was too damn incompetent or poorly managed (perhaps they take their name seriously over at Astro and all their employees are a little "spacey" and that's not Kevin Spacey!) to see that my fees got paid to the right people in order to satisfy their legal obligations.

Another example of big business taking their customers for the proverbial ride!

Sad, sad, sad!

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