16 April 2008

Men in Underwear

No, this is not an Indonesian version of the spoof film "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" of 1993 (bugger me, was it that long ago?) but rather a brazen early morning robbery in Tangerang (a satellite city off of Jakarta). Yes, eight fellas in nothing but their Calvin's managed to rip off a Tangerang businessmen of some 500 million Rupiah.

They tied up the maid and then ransacked the house. Photo of one of the suspects is attached above...

My questions is this: How hard would it be to see eight fellas running round in their Calvin's real early in the morning? I have seen some strange things in my adopted home but I gotta say that if I saw these fellas, I might not have thought they were robbers, but I would have noticed for sure as you might see the odd underwear clad jogger but a whole club of undies wearing joggers would be odd!

Perhaps they needed the money to buy some clothes!

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