27 April 2008

Going Through the Motions

I reckon everyone reaches a point where they know they are done on something! I am done on Indonesia, I need to be somewhere else and doing something else. I have been here a long time and the last five years in the same company and doing the same job...there are no real prospects of promotion and it feels very much like treading water, a sort of going through the motions.

This year is going to be a year of change. Our family will grow by one later in the year and that sounds like the perfect time for a fresh start! We will be heading back to Australia and I am going to do a teaching qualification and then teach English, Indonesian, and Legal Studies, which sounds like as good a plan as anything else right at this point in time. Teaching offers something I am not currently getting besides a real salary for real work, it offers the chance of promotion. The Department of Education even offers scholarships in these areas so maybe I will get lucky!

This post is not about Indonesia per se but rather about the lack of progress I am making and perhaps this lack of progress is my fault. However, a change is as good as a holiday and it is time for a holiday!


GJ said...

Hi Rob,

Its funny about Ying-Yang, I'm here in Jakarta due to the same reasons you find you need to move back to Australia.

I fully understand the treading water stuff and if you don't dive into a different pond, I think you end up drowning. Good luck


PS FG is enrolling in a teaching degree at Murdoch in July, it can be done online.

Rob Baiton said...


Funny thing that ying & yang :)


Yep, had heard that about Murdoch!

As uncle Ned once said "such is life!"

It's always going to be about "people to see and places to be"...