10 April 2008

The Right to Bear Arms

This might be one of those "only in America" things but I am sure there are probably other places that have similar laws in place or no laws at all so therefore anything goes anyways!

But this is in the good ol' U.S. of A and in particular it is news out of Florida. The Florida Legislature has passed in a 26 - 13 vote a law that would permit ordinary citizens to take guns to work. The law still needs to be signed by the Governor for it to be enacted.

Any news watcher would know that there are plenty of work and school shootings and generally these are multiple fatality events. Yet, the question that needs to be put to these legislators that voted for this is; "Are more guns in the workplace going to make it a safer environment or one that is even more prone to violence, mayhem, and carnage?"

The first couple of months that this law is in place and perhaps every time a new employee starts there is going to be the obligatory questions of "whatcha packing friend?" and then it will be comparison time to see who has the biggest and best gun...paintball warfare without the paintballs!

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