16 April 2008

Sex & Controversy

This post is not going to be all that entertaining for you! Rather it is an update on my ongoing and individual research on what attracts traffic to my site.

So here is a little update on what my statistics are telling me:

The post on the Exploitation and Sexualization of Children, which features a picture of a 13-year old in a swimsuit, has been a really big driver of traffic to my blog (and it continues to be). What can I deduce from this -- ants to honey!

The other post that has done pretty well is the one that includes the homoerotic depiction of the Last Supper. I have some other more offensive pictures on file by the same artist including the one where the Roman soldier is providing Jesus with a good little fondle. Unfortunately, Jesus does not have a lot of say in the matter as he is nailed to the cross!

What have I learned my fellow bloggers...sex sells and it pays to be controversial!

I lie, I did not really learn that but it sounded good!

I already knew that and my stats now confirm this to be the case...


LavanyaLea said...

Rob, waiting for ur review of that "how to catch mr bule" book!

LavanyaLea said...

ooh my bad, found it =)

btw, you are pushing hard to increase ur traffic eh? just had a look at your taglines: CHILD PORN, CONTROVERSY, JESUS, LAST SUPPER ORGY, SEX!

Rob Baiton said...

Nah, not pushing hard! But it is interesting what happens though when you whack in some taglines that imply that there is a particular type of subject matter available...

The "How to catch Mr. Bule" book review...to be honest (and this should not be construed as a criticism) the book reads like a personal journal or a diary with the names balcked out and the issues generalized for the masses...just my opinion :)