12 April 2008

Site Traffic

The idea that using provocative titles and keywords will increase traffic to your site is not being borne out by the statistics!

I guess I will need to ramp-up the frequency and the risque-ness of the words in order to try and attract more visitors :)


Patung said...

"Big boobies", write a post about that. You have to put yourself in Joe Searchers shoes, or maybe underpants, and think what would he type into the google search box. He won't type "sex, religion and power" probably, but 'big boobies', maybe.

Finally Woken said...

What about installing Spotplex widget, you would find out what your readers like the most. If I see mine, the most read article is The Fake Trade, a documentary film about fake brands. Nothing sexy about it, yet people click it the most. Tantrum Injury: A Massage Experience in Saigon is on the 3rd position, but I suspect because the reader think "massage" and "Saigon" = sex. The 2nd is Caucasian v.s Indonesian Men and I don't know why.

As far as I understand Indonesians rarely check on Spotplex, so the readers who click on it come from all over the world. Maybe if you would like to attract Indonesian readers specifically you'd better post "cewek telanjang"....