05 April 2008

Saluting the Bush

Yes, my erstwhile readers another pornographically tinged post! Just kidding! It seems that Australia's Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has triggered a storm in a tea cup by apparently being caught red-handed saluting the President of the United States of America, a one George W. Bush.

This has fed all those that have been waiting for an opportunity to get on the bandwagon and trot out the "Australia takes its Deputy Sheriff role in the Asia Pacific seriously"...Some questions have gotta be asked of the Rudd-ster as to why he would let himself get caught out like this. However, if most Australians thought about this a little bit it is something some of them do instinctively anyway as a simple means of acknowledgement. It could be as uninspiring as pretending to dip the old Akubra in respect and then pointing towards the intended recipient of that respect.

This is one of those Clayton's news stories; news that's not really news at all! The Libs and the Greens have gotta be pretty hard up for things to say if they are going after this. If this is the best that Brendan Nelson has got then it is time that the Libs put Peter Costello in charge and made Tony Abbott his deputy, a couple of head kickers is just what the Libs need to turn around their flagging fortunes!

Even if it was a salute so what? Conduct unbecoming of an Australian PM? Evidence of Australia's subservience to the US? -- some people need to get out a little more and smell the flowers! This needs to be filed in the WGAF column! There are bigger problems in Australia than whether the PM has an arse about face understanding of candid camera now that he is PM. Yet, when you think about it this is the same bloke caught on parliament cam picking his ears and eating his ear wax!

It reminds me of this T-Shirt about bush and associated words as reflected in the picture above (stolen from here)!


GJ said...

Hey what's with all the XXX rated stuff on the blogs these days. Nice shot of an apparatus below, (do you know the price?).
Even Stumpy is posting pictures, are you guys getting in before the new laws on smut come in?
I may need to get in on the act.

Sorry I haven't been around, was held prisoner in Bali


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