18 April 2008

Alchemy & Druidic Tradition

I am a reader and a quick scan of my many bookcases will reveal an interesting mix of subject matter. Perhaps some of my readers might be surprised by this one. The subject matter is alchemy and Druidic tradition. Why, you might ask...and that is a good question!

I have always been interested in the esoteric and the exoteric which has led to a collection of books on these matters. As I get older I am gaining an increasing fascination with alternative medicine. Do not get me wrong here, modern medicine has many benefits, but perhaps there are great healing powers contained in nature that we need to rediscover or discover for the first time (too much National Geographic -- I should spend more time in the office and less time watching TV)! However, my interest in this pre-dated the Da Vinci Code!

But back to the post at hand. I suppose my Welsh ancestry is coming to the fore or something and this is an incarnation of that history, who knows (and who cares). Yet, I have resolved to learn more about acupuncture, ayurvedic medicine, homeopathy, and other alternative medicinal practices.

I am currently reading about the properties of various herbs, flowers, and trees. Some of this stuff I knew (it was locked away in my mind somewhere), like garlic (galleg) is good for the digestive system and it also wards of evil (this I probably learned from watching too many vampire movies as a kid!), and stuff that I did not know!

The following list contains a few of these (Welsh name in parentheses) and there physical and magical properties.

Lavender (Lafant) -- treats migraine, exhaustion, and nervous disorders -- invokes love, peace, joy, and healing.

Mint (Mintys) -- treats stomach complaints and nausea, antiseptic -- protection and healing (the Druids most sacred herb).

Marjoram (Mintys y creigiau) -- treats coughs and intestinal problems -- Happiness and relieves depression.

Honeysuckle (Gwyddfid) -- treats headaches and coughs -- increases psychic ability.

Daffodil (Gwaew'r brenin) -- reduces swelling (bulb is narcotic) -- increases self-esteem and binds fidelity and love.

White Clover (Meillionen wen) -- increases skin sensitivity -- Empowers projection and increases psychic ability.

Scottish Thistle (Ysgall) -- treats nervous complaints -- protection, vitality, increases libido.

St.-John's-Wort (Y gantwll fawr) -- treats depression, wounds, sprains, and bruises -- wards off evil (predominant healing herb).

Sage (Sage gwyllt) -- treats catarrh and nasal infections -- wisdom and immortality.

The list goes on! Perhaps as I learn more I will bore you to snores with more postings on my alternative medicine journey.

In the meantime keep healthy!


LavanyaLea said...

It's been scientifically proven in the case of st john's worts and depression! only problem is, apparently the plant extract contains differing potency depending on when the leaves were picked, and there is no way of knowing :(

sage for treating catarrh, interesting! i wonder if scouse accent becomes less... ermm... scouse-y during christmas time! they say scouse is 1/3 irish 1/3 english and 1/3 catarrh! hehe :p

M said...


alchemy should be an interesting topic. but try to write something about it from different angle. this one aint interest me.

and why aren't u not posting as many as u used to be?? audience back and forth (in between fatty acid data entry) and no more new post here??


Rob Baiton said...

Not posting as regularly as normal because I am with Telkom Speedy and they are blocking blogspot.com at regular intervals!

I have not had access all day on Sunday. It is now 02.55 on a Monday morning and I have access so I will try and capitalize while it lasts...

Although, my dog wants to go for a walk...so, who knows?