02 July 2008

Schapelle Corby Goes to the Salon

Now if the reports that have been coming in over the last couple of days are true then maybe I was right. Maybe Schapelle Corby and her family need to give some serious consideration to not taking advantage of any prisoner transfer deal that might be struck between the governments of Indonesia and Australia.

Having been admitted to hospital for severe depression, hallucinations, and weight loss, and then subsequently being put on suicide watch because her clinical diagnosis suggested that she was a danger to herself, Corby has enjoyed an afternoon at the salon. This would probably be the perfect tonic for a former beauty student.

However, it should be noted that the rumours and gossip are true then the past few days have seen Corby out and about shopping and buying ice cream with family members. The police are apparently accompanying her and the family everywhere. The point though is that if she were to be imprisoned in Australia she would be unlikely to receive such treatment unless she was on some kind of minimum security day release type program.

My guess would be that the psychiatrists (aka shrinks) that are treating her for the depression have decided that some degree of normalcy might help restore her to sufficient health that she can be incarcerated until the next bout of depression takes hold and then the whole show can start over again.

The salon visit was permitted and in an attempt to head off any criticisms the PR machine of the Sanglah Hospital has been quick to point out that the salon in question is within the grounds of the hospital and as such Corby did not leave the grounds of the hospital. The photo is of Corby emerging from the salon and is courtesy of AFP.

It seems that Corby is never that far away from the news. It is almost an industry and it is too bad that she does not get to see any of the profits from it. I understand proceeds of crime and the legislation that accompanies it. But, it is kind of bizarre that the perpetrator cannot profit off of the crime but every man, woman and child can profit off of her misery.

Nevertheless, Corby is becoming a celebrity and the recent screening of the documentary "Ganja Queen" on HBO (if I am not mistaken) in the US may cement this status. For me, and as I have posted many times before, it is about reading the Sunday morning papers after the night before, the scores remain the same. She is a convicted drug trafficker doing 20 years for the crime.

Her hospital stay appears destined to end over the next couple of days and the hospital is reporting that a treatment and medication regime has been designed. So, it will be back to the cold hard slammer that is Kerobohkan Prison and the gremlins that plague her there.


Lancelot said...

The conditions there are worse than any dog kennel here. In fact, I wouldn't even let my dog anywhere near this prison. You wouldn't believe how filthy it is. One bad bug bite or sore & you're done for. She's lucky she's still alive. A child molester only did 4 yrs there, but she got 20 for weed. How sick is that.

Rob Baiton said...


Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I take from your comments that you have been to Kerobohkan prison?

I haven't been. No real plans to go either. But if it is as bad as everyone says that it is then I might go and see if I can get some happy snappies and then write about it (probably in this blog).

I did read just recently though that Corby was not going to request a prisoner transfer even if the Australian government worked out a deal with the Indonesia government for one.

The disparity between what murders, child molesters, and drug traffickers get as sentences is bizarre. I guess this means that Indonesia considers drugs to be a more serious crime than the other two.

I guess if you are going to travel and bring drugs with you tehn you should probably take the initiative and find out what you're in for if it goes wrong.