01 July 2008

Ruslana Korshunova -- Spurned Love

A quick update on the recent suicide of a supermodel. It seems that Ruslana Korshunova was spurned by a lover or the love of her life (interpretation and emphasis mine). Kind of a Romeo and Juliet thing where it is unclear as to whether Romeo has kept his end of the bargain.

Reports are suggesting that recent posts on her social networking sites is revealing an inner torment over love and what it all means, life that is.

For me there is no woman (or for that matter a man) that is worth killing myself over. The pain of lost love is certainly painful and may seem irrecoverable at that point in time that it is lost, but it is what it is -- a mere point in time.

Life goes on and while we have it there is always the possibility that there is something better just around the corner. Maybe just a little better or maybe a lot better. But, if we pull the plug on life, then there is one thing that is certain, we will never know what might have been!

For me that is the tragedy of suicide.

Opportunity lost.

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