01 July 2008

Keddies -- The Saga Continues

You have to wonder about some lawyers who continuously take their clients to the cleaners and expect to never get found out. Keddies lawyer Philip Scroope has been accused of charging almost AUD 600 to travel less than 2 kilometres for a conference. Scroope is also accused of charging AUD 60 to write a welcome letter to a client who decided to use Keddies services. Scroope's then went on to charge AUD 49 to read an e-card thank you from the same client, and then a further AUD 49 to tell the client he was going on holiday and would be out of the office.

The icing on the cake for me is that the client was charged AUD 98 for a phone call he made from his own phone.

Keddies are undoubtedly going to claim that everything is above board and no over-charging has taken place. Nevertheless, this particular client has already had some of the fees and charges levied by Keddies refunded. Providing a refund is hardly commensurate with guilt however where there is a pattern forming of consistent refunds to clients then one wonders is this indicative of a firm culture that consistently over-charges and then refunds if there is a complaint? I guess this is something for the Legal Services Commissioner to work out.

I guess personal injury law is a very lucrative field based on the sort of money that Keddies has been able to charge over a long period of time.


Rob Baiton said...

Maybe the picture should read "specializing in 'self-' compensation"

Anonymous said...

You'd have to question a firm whose founding partner's bio on the practice website devotes more verbage to his wife's claim to fame as a royal masseuse than his own legal credential.

Rob Baiton said...

Whatever gets them in the door I guess because then you can start to charge the client fees -- AUD 49 for saying "thanks for choosing us".